Light art object

With our busy lives, the many stimuli and everything going on in the world, we increasingly need rest. A moment to recharge. Mosae Forum shopping center offers a bright spot of light with a light art object. This dynamic artwork, designed to provide a sense of security and tranquility, will be on display at Mosae Forum shopping center from Jan. 31 through Feb. 7, 2024.

Tag @mosaeforum and win!

Special experience

The artwork is more than a light object; it is an invitation to pause and find a moment of peace in the hectic pace of everyday life. Artist Jaap van den Elzen has worked with care and attention to create a visual experience that is both calming and inspiring. The object can be admired from a distance, or up close by standing in it. The lighting dims, moving around you and constantly changing color. Music is heard, with the sounds and light interacting and reinforcing each other. The light art object thus forms a meeting place, a respite, and a point of light during the short, winter days.

Experience it for yourself

Mosae Forum shopping center encourages everyone to experience this special property. Whether you need a moment of security, want to recharge, or just enjoy the beautiful lighting. 

Together we create an atmosphere of security and light. What will recharge you during the dark days?

  • Dates: January 31 to February 7
  • Time: throughout the day
  • Location: courtyard of the shopping center
  • Entrance: free

For more information about the artist, visit:


For the duration of the light art object, visitors can win shopping credit worth € 250! To do so, they can share via social media their answer to the question: 'What recharges you during the dark winter days?', including a photo of the light art object. They should tag @mosaeforum and use the #beleefmosaeforum. Winners will be notified.

Read the terms and conditions for more information about the contest.

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